The pizza arrives in China

First contest of Chinese pizza during Hotelex fair Shaghai

There are experiences that until some time ago seemed impossible and I'm referring to an Italian company, though prestigious, welcomed China to organize a competition between Chinese pizza makers. The world is changing faster than you think and the magazine Pizza e Pasta Italiana with Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli has been for years in the world, as well as throughout Europe, to spread the culture of pizza, this extraordinary food, since a long time the Italian most consumed  dish in the world.

This magazine, then, with Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli, was sent to Hotelex fair in Shanghai, which took place between late March and early April, and organized the first edition of China Pizza Championship, in collaboration with the Organization of the fair city Shanghai. The event was the first competition ever for pizza makers held in China.

Fifteen pizza makers participated to the competition and the winner was awarded with a free ticket for Parma by the Fair Organization and by Pizza World Championship Organization with a free membership to the same event.

The interesting competition was attended by Riccardo Lettieri, executive manager of Aurora International Trade & Co. importer of Italian products and headquartered in Beijing, which rewarded the winner,

At the competition held in in China's most important commercial city, took part other companies friends of Pizza e Pasta as Agugiaro & Figna, Prontofrescogreci, Gi Metal, OEM ovens and Coldline.

Hotelex is the largest and busiest trade fair in China on the HoReCa world with 18 pavilions and the presence of Italian companies, especially together with their Chinese importers, it was truly large, a sign of the vitality and resourcefulness of the Italian companies that boast technologic supremacy recognized worlwide.

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