23rd October 2015

Australia, land of pizzas and pizza makers

In the collective unconscious Australia is synonymous with big spaces, the land of freedom, large distances, desert, ocean and kangaroos ... and now even pizza!

Yes, our beloved tricolor pizza is colonizing the home of Rugby, meat and good wine, thanks to the initiative of Italian pizza makers and the tenacity and courage of the companies in our country that step by step begin to make that distant land a small corner of the beautiful country.

The magazine Pizza e Pasta Italiana has been in recent weeks to Sidney Fine Food, the leading trade show for the food service sector of the city, both to document and gather information about a huge growth in reality is to sponsor the fourth edition of Pizza Revolution Grand Prize, competition open to all pizza makers and valid as a stage of pre selection of the Pizza World Championship 2016.

The competition, organized by Pizza Revolution of Dario D'Agostino and sponsored by a group of Italian companies that saw as Main Sponsor Le 5 Stagioni and sponsors Gi Metal, Forni Valoriani, Pizza Master, Ristoris, Sitta and Coldline, has seen the participation of highly qualified competitors and an increasing participation compared to previous editions.

Among the members of the juries the Stg World Champion 2014 Johnny di Francesco, the winner of Las Vegas Pizza Expo Theo Kalogeracos, the direction of the Association Verace Pizza Napoletana (with the President Antonio Pace and Massimo Porzio), as well many food bloggers and successful restaurateurs like Ben Riccio, owner of the famous restaurant "Napoli in Bocca".

The competition was really a success with the public and has actually photographed a movement growing exponentially, although clearly a lot is being done and much has to be done yet!

These are the results of the different specialties:

Pizza Napoletana  STG:
Gold Medal: Mario Martellino
Silver Medal: Youssef Ben Touati
Pizza Gluten Free:
Gold Medal: Marco De Marco
Silver Medal: Deanna Tilker
Pizza Dessert ( categoria non valida per il Campionato Mondiale 2016): 
Gold Medal: Youssef Ben Touati
Silver Medal: Alessio Minucci
Pizza Classica:
Gold Medal: Riccardo Soffriti
Silver Medal: Youssef Ben Touati
Free Style Individuale:
Gold Medal: Marco De Marco
Silver Medals: Alessio Minucci and Alessandro Belnome


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