Pizza World Sharing Aprile 2021

2021: Competitions

Parma Palaverdi
Polo Fieristico di Parma,
via delle Esposizioni 393/a

Phone: + 39 0421 83148
Pizza World Championship
Be it Margherita or Marinara, with gourmand or traditional ingredients, gluten free or organic, pan or Roman, when talking about pizza variations are countless. The worldwide most loved dish is always evolving and interprets the changing tastes and scientific research from every corner of the World. 
Every year more than 770 pizzamakers and chefs from different continents meet in Parma to confront and challenge each other.
01-pizza classica-3.png
Competitions day: April 2022

Classic Pizza
01-pizza classica.png
Competitions day: April 2022

01-pizza classica-1.png
Competitions day: April 2022

Gluten free pizza
01-pizza classica-2.png
Competitions day: April 2022

Pan Pizza
01-pizza classica-4.png
Competitions day: April 2022

Neapolitan STG Pizza
01-pizza classica-5.png
Competitions day: April 2022

Roman Pizza
01-pizza classica-6.png
Competition day: April 2022

The Largest
01-pizza classica-7.png
Competitions day: April 2022

Pizza for two
01-pizza classica-9.png
Competition day: April 2022

The fastest
01-pizza classica-8.png
Competitions day: April 2022

Heinz Beck Trophy
Competitions day: April 2022

World Pizza Team
01-pizza classica-11.png
Competitions day: April 2022

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