Pizza World Championship 2024 April 9-10-11, 2024


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08 febbraio 2022

The World Pizza Championship 2022: after two years of halt, the annual venue will take place in Parma from April 5th through the 7th.
The 29th edition of the event will host pizzamakers battling in baking and ability games from all around the world: at this time more than 500 people have already registered representing more than 40 countries. 
The World Pizza Championship is a unique opportunity to gather the trends of a sector, that worldwide, in 2022 strings to a 141,1 billion dollars turnover. Special guest the three starred Michelin chef, Heinz Beck for the trophy that bears his name. Registrations are still open. 

After two years of forced halt caused by the pandemic, in Parma from April 5th through April 7th the ovens of the World Pizza Championship 2022 will be fired again. Internationally, this is the most important event for pizza professionals, which has reached its 29th edition. In the exhibition center Palaverdi, in Parma, during these three days hundreds of pizzamakers will battle representing more than 40 countries. Pizza evolves continuously and interprets the changes and trends of the culinary research in every corner of the Planet. Margherita or Roman, traditional or gourmand, gluten free or organic, pan style or Roman style, when talking about pizza the variations on the theme are endless. 
In 2019, more than 775 competitors from 42 countries have battled in more than 1.100 single challenges. 
Among these the country where pizza was born, Italy was the most conspicuous, with more than 496 participants. Nonetheless the foreign counterpart was very fierce, with pizzamakers coming from the EU (173, 52 from France) from the United States (40) and from Asia (40). More than 5.000 visitors, three quarters composed by professionals of the sector (pizzeria owners, pizzamakers and distributors). 
Italy counts more than 67.000 companies whose main business is linked with pizza. The greatest number is represented by single pizza owners, more than 60.000, out of which more than 3.000 born in the latest 24 months. This is a market bound to grow worldwide, according to the latest data coming from Euromonitor International, reaching the massive figure of 141,1 billion dollars sales in 2022, with an increase of 6,7%, driven by the performance in Western Europe ( +12, 7%) and in Latin America (+12,2%). Even in a mature market such as in North America, Euromonitor foresees an overall growth amounting to 5.3% of sales, equal to 56,5 million dollars. 
In the 2022 edition of the World Pizza Championship, pizzamakers are called to take part to baking competitions (such as Classic pizza, Gluten free pizza, Neapolitan STG pizza, Pan pizza, Roman pizza, Triathlon, three individual challenges among the previews categories). The latter are sided by the game competitions, such as Freestyle ( a spectacular acrobatic performance with music) the Largest ( the skill of pizzamakers to open 500 grams of dough will demonstrate how wide a pizza dough can become), the Fastest (the winner is the fastest to enlarge 5 dough disks). 
One of the most popular category is Pizza a due, these class foresees the combined work of a pizzamaker and a chef to make a signature pizza. 
Finally, the come-back of the much awaited category, the Heinz Beck Trophy – main course in pizzeria: a unique and innovative competition signed by the famous three starred chef Heinz Beck, who will be in Parma as juror of exception. Listed into the competition are quality main course, artisanal and ready-made by pizzeria chefs. 
It is not about a simple cooking battle: speed of realization, creativity and professionalism, are all  undisputed traits for winning the sought after prize.  
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